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Colossal dimensions

Located in Etalans, just a few kilometres from Ornans, the chasm plunges you 70 metres underground into the largest developed underground “room” in France, the colossal dimensions of which could house the entire Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.


A Chasm Containing Well-Preserved Geological Features

On a 1-hour guided tour, you will cross the impressively large “room” and discover the surprising architecture, shaped by the power of water and the patience of time. Your visit to this registered, protected site will be peppered by limestone concretions, stalactites and stalagmites.



A Lively Place

During your visit, you will be amazed by the “sound and light” show, based on the creation of the universe and the Big Bang, and which even recounts one of the chasm’s famous legends.


A Setting Rich in Leisure Activities

Not far from this breath-taking chasm, you can also discover Dino Zoo, another remarkable site which will teach you more about the Jurassic period, dinosaurs and prehistoric times. The chasm is also close to the Loue Valley and its gorgeous landscapes.


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