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Three Large Resorts

Métabief and the surrounding area stretches to the foothills of Mont d’Or. Over three interconnected slopes, the resort offers skiing for everyone, at altitudes of between 1,000 and 1,420 m. There are 27 linked pistes, totalling 40 km in length, suitable for all types of winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and telemark skiing. And as a backdrop, you have a breath-taking view of Switzerland and 300 Alpine peaks.

Les Rousses plays the Franco-Swiss card on both sides of the Dôle summit, which peaks at 1,677.2 metres, according to a very Helvetic level of precision. The Les Rousses resort is made up of 4 villages: Les Rousses, Lamoura, Prémanon and Bois d’Amont. A total of 4 mountains, 34 lifts and 220 km of pistes, all in a decidedly resort-like ambiance.

The resort of Monts Jura includes three Alpine areas: Lelex-Crozet, Mijoux-La Faucille and Menthières. These areas stretch across the highest peaks of between 900 and 1,680 metres. In total, there are 29 ski lifts for hurtling down the mountainside opposite Mont Blanc, above Lake Geneva.


Mountains for Easy Learning

Impressive facilities, seasoned professionals and ski schools – the Jura Mountains offer a wonderful location for fun, learning sports and for having a good time in the snow. Our resorts have everything that the big ones do… but without the scramble and with a welcome sense of calm. Ideal for families and laid-back skiing.

In addition, there are many “village resorts” in the Jura Mountains, designed with families in mind such as Mouthe, Les Fourgs, Le Larmont, Morteau, Charquemont, Hautevilles-Lompnes, Morez and many more.


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