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From Dole, you can safely leave on the Jura Trail...
We have prepared a tailor-made programme for experienced walkers, with transfer of your luggage every day.  You will have the peace of mind to enjoy the magnificent views along this signposted circuit that will take you from marvels to natural and cultural attractions ! Your journey will end in St Claude.

Those 150 km paths will let you discover the wealth of that region and its unexpected treasures: majestic forests, Grande Saline and Saline Royale listed in the world heritage of the UNESCO, iconic steephead valleys, unexpected vineyard with 6 AOC wines and typical villages... Not to mention gastronomy! Don't delay!




Day 1: Arrival in Dole
After you arrive in Dole, a Town of Art and History, you are free to visit the town under the watchful eye of Notre-Dame, the magnificent 16th century Collegiate. In the historic centre, a maze of passageways and narrow streets have brought life to the town since the 13th century. Take time to stroll around the tanners neighbourhood, where Louis Pasteur was born,  Rue des Vieilles Boucheries and Place aux Fleurs. Dole offers visitors a real-life painting with a multitude of colours. This historical gem, nestling in a natural haven lined with forests and passed through by the Doubs and its many canals, is a delight to visitors.
Accommodation and dinner at a 3-star hotel.

Day 2: Dole - Arc et Senans (transfer to Vieille Loye)
After breakfast, transfer from Dole to Vieille Loye, a small woodcutters' village located in the heart of the Forest of Chaux, the second state-owned forest in France. You will then make your way to Arc et Senans, where you will stop to admire the Saltworks, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A masterpiece by Claude Nicolas LEDOUX, this factory designed for the production of salt was built between 1778 and 1779 on the orders of Louis XV.
Night and dinner at the accommodation (guesthouse or 3-star hotel).
Distance: after the transfer, 16.5km / Duration: about 4:10 hours / Combined altitude difference: 95 m  

Day 3: Arc et Senans - Salins les Bains
Departure after breakfast.
Follow the meanders of the Loue through the villages of Port Lesney, Rennes-sur-Loue and Chapelle-sur-Furieuse before arriving at Salins-les-Bains via the Voie des Salines. There, you will be able to visit the Grande Saline, also a UNESCO World Heritage site, its impressive underground galleries and its salt museum, which will provide the perfect end to a wonderful day. You will also be able to relax and unwind at the spa, with its naturally salty waters.
Installation at your 3-star hotel and dinner.
Distance: 22.5km / Duration: about 6 hours / Combined altitude difference: 483 m  

Day 4: Salins les Bains - Arbois
After breakfast, depart from Salins-les-Bains for an ascent to Saint-André Fort, an ancient military fort built by Vauban, which dominates the Furieuse Valley. Then make your way down through the villages of Pretin and Montigny-les-Arsures, famous for its 13th century church and its 15th century castle. You will then continue down through the vineyards to Arbois, the capital of Jura wines, located in the heart of the Pays du Revermont. In the historic centre, visit the streets packed with historic monuments and old stone houses.
Do not hesitate to stop off for a tasting break at one of the many wineries in the town, visit the Maison Paster, the home and laboratory of the famous researcher, as well as the Vine and Wine Museum which will recount the history of Wine in this small area.
It is possible to spend a second night in Arbois in order to take time to visit or continue the Échappée Jurassienne and make a detour via the Reculée des Planches-près-Arbois.
Installation at a 3-star hotel, dinner at a restaurant in Arbois.
Distance: 19.5km / Duration: about 6:30 hours / Combined altitude difference: 890 m  

Day 5: Arbois - St Lothain (Les Bordes)
Depart from Arbois and be prepared for this major stage with a strong altitude difference. On the way to Pupillin, follow the alternative route via the GR59B before visiting this superb winemaking village, the world capital of Ploussard. Then continue down towards Poligny, the capital of Comté, which plays host to the National School for Dairy Industries and Technologies, the Maison du Comté and some impressive historic heritage. During this stage, you will also appreciate the many panoramic viewpoints which dominate the Vineyards before continuing to Saint-Lothian.
Accommodation at a gîte d'étape. Dinner and night on site.
Distance: 21km / Duration: about 6:50 hours / Combined altitude difference: 984 m  

Day 6: St Lothain Les Bordes - Chateau Chalon
Depart from Saint-Lothain, after breakfast for a short stage which will leave you with free time to visit one of the most Beautiful Villages of France: Château-Chalon. Before arriving at your accommodation, pass through the winemaking villages of: Passenans, Frontenay and Menetru-le-Vignoble.
Château-Chalon : Its impregnable site, in the same way as the charm of its centre, provides undeniable charms which have allowed its entry into the very restricted club of Petites Cités Comtoises de Caractère. A historic centre for winemaking in Jura, it gave its name to one of the best vintages in the world, the divine amber nectar known as Vin Jaune.
Accommodation at a 3-épis guesthouse.
You are free to dine where you wish (not included). Several choices are available: the accommodation offers access to a small kitchen if you want to prepare your own meal (note that there are no shops nearby). We can also book a table for you at one of the many restaurants in the village.
Distance: 12km / Duration: about 03:45 hours / Combined altitude difference: 497 m  

Day 7: Chateau Chalon - Crançot
 Depart from Château-Chalon, after breakfast in order to make your way to the bottom of the steephead valley and the small village of Blois-sur-Seille. Climb up to the plateau in Granges-sur-Baume before making your way back down to Baume-les-Messieurs, also one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France, where you will be able to visit the impressive 9th century Clunisian abbey. A stone's throw away, right at the bottom of the steephead valley, an outstanding 3-star natural site, cool off near the Tuffes Waterfall or in the Baume Cave which is open to the public. Continue your route through the Echelles de Crançot in order to arrive at the Roches de Baume panoramic viewpoint and its stunning view over the steephead valley!
Accommodation at a hotel in Crançot and dinner.
Distance: 15.5km / Duration: about 05:15 hours / Combined altitude difference: 638 m  

Day 8: Crançot - Lons le Saunier - Conliège
Depart from your hotel after breakfast for a 11km stage that will offer you the chance to visit the administrative centre of Jura: Lons-le-Saunier. Discover this attractive small town, the birthplace of the Laughing Cow, where you can even visit its Museum, and Rouget de Lisle, the famous composer of the Marseillaise! Lons-le-Saunier also has a spa with naturally salty waters, ideal for a relaxing break before the following day's stage.
Accommodation at a hotel and dinner.
Distance: 14.7km / Duration: about 04:30 hours / Combined altitude difference: 113 m

Transfer available from Crançot to Mirebel

Day 9: Conliège - Mirebel
Depart after breakfast for a long 28 km stage, part of which follows the Voie PLM, the former railway line (between Lons-le-Saunier and Champagnole), which has been turned into a Greenway. After the old station of Conliège, stop at the Hermitage Sainte-Anne which dominates the Vallière valley!
Accommodation at a 3-épis guesthouse. Dinner at the table d'hôtes.
Distance: 22.7km / Duration: about 06:15 hours / Combined altitude difference: 826 m

It is possible to provide a transfer for you if you do not want to complete this stage.

Day 10: Mirebel - Le Frasnois
Depart from the accommodation for a day placed under the sign of water. Set out towards the lakes via the villages of Verges and Châtillon before crossing the Ain and arriving in Marigny on the shores of Chalain Lake, the largest natural lake in Jura. After a few kilometres, discover a series of viewpoints over Chalain Lake before entering the listed natural site of the Hérisson Waterfalls, a series of 38 waterfalls and drops covering several kilometres. This major site is one of the most emblematic in the area. It will delight you with its impressive waterfalls as well as the peace and quiet of the surrounding natural setting. You will also be able to visit the Maison des Cascades in order to find out more about this exceptional site.
Arrive at the hamlet of Fromagerie.
Accommodation at a guesthouse or a gîte d'étape and dinner on site.
If you are interested in plants, the botanical garden and exhibition will offer you the chance to learn more about the medicinal plants of the region and their traditional uses.
Distance: 23km / Duration: about 6:30 hours / Combined altitude difference: 826 m  

Day 11: Le Frasnois - Chaux des Crotenay
Depart from Frasnois for a short day of walking among forests and panoramic viewpoints. Climb the Pic de l'Aigle, which offers a clear view over Ilay Lake and the Hérisson Valley, which you passed through the day before. Slightly further on, the 4 Lakes panoramic viewpoint offers an equally impressive view over "la petite Ecosse" and its stretches of emerald coloured water (Narlay Lake, Ilay Lake and the Petit and Grand Maclu). After this, continue to your next stage in Chaux-des-Crotenay.     
Accommodation at a holiday centre and dinner.
Distance: 13km / Duration: about 04:30 hours / Combined altitude difference: 489 m  

Day 12: Chaux des Crotenay - Foncine le Haut
After a few kilometres, you will be able to appreciate the cool temperatures of the Langouette gorges and waterfall. From Langouette bridge, enjoy a very beautiful view over this long winding river set into the rock and immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of this place. For about an hour, you will make your way along a welcoming path recognised as being one of the most picturesque in Jura. Continue to the Bief de la Ruine waterfall at the bottom of the Malvaux gorges on the former "Tram" line. From Foncine-le-Bas, make your way up the Saine to its source on Mont Bayard over the pastures of Haut-Jura.
Accommodation at a chalet in a campsite. Free Dinner.
Distance: 20km / Duration: about 05:45 hours / Combined altitude difference: 775 m  

Day 13: Foncine le Haut - Bellefontaine
From Foncine-le-Haut, pass through the Mont Noir Forest to Chapelle-des-Bois in Doubs, a cross-country ski resort in the winter which becomes a paradise for walkers in the summer. Over the pastures occupied by our Montbéliard cows, you will discover Bellefontaine Lake and Mortes lake and the peatbogs that are home to a large number of protected animals. Then continue to the small resort of Bellefontaine.
Accommodation at a Logis hotel and dinner.
Distance: 19km / Duration: about 5 hours / Combined altitude difference: 469 m  

Day 14: Bellefontaine - Prémanon
Depart for the resort of Les Rousses via Risoux Forest, a Natura 2000 protected site owing to the presence of the capercaillie. When you arrive in the village of Les Rousses, enjoy the semi-circular viewpoint over the summits of Jura: Norimont to the east, Dôle to the south-east, Mont Fier, the Rocher du Tiavy and the Rocher des Arcets. You will be able to visit the family resort at the foot of Les Rousses Lake before continuing your route via the Bief de la Chaille beneath Les Rousses fort, which is also open for visits.
Accommodation at a gîte d'étape (sleeping sheet and towel required) and dinner on site.
Distance: 17km / Duration: about 5 hours / Combined altitude difference: 577 m  

Day 15: Prémanon - Lajoux
Depart from the gîte d'étape and return to the GR9. You will pass near the Swiss border above the CNSNMM complex (National Centre for Nordic Skiing and Low Mountain Ranges) and, in particular its ski jump. Arrive at the Dappes belvedere, an exceptional viewpoint and audio site, pass through the Massacre Forest to the Crêt Pela, the summit of the Jura department (1,495 m) from where you may be able to admire Mont Blanc! Make your way down to the Combe à la Chèvre, a cross-country ski slope in the winter, in order to reach Lajoux with its typical Haut-Jura landscapes. Before arriving at your accommodation, take time to visit the Centre for the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park in Lajoux.
Accommodation at a 3-star Logis hotel or a gîte d'étape and dinner.
Distance: 20km / Duration: about 06:10 hours / Combined altitude difference: 775 m  

Day 16: Lajoux - Saint Claude
For this final stage of your walk, pass through part of the Hautes-Combes sector to Molunes before continuing down to Saint-Claude via Roche Blanche, which offers a superb view over the Flumen Gorges. In Saint-Claude, the Capital of Pipes and Diamonds, you will be able to visit the Cathedral, the Abbey Museum and the Maison du Peuple.
Accommodation at a 3-star Logis hotel and dinner.
Distance: 18km / Duration: about 06:15 hours / Combined altitude difference: 403 m  

Day 17: Transfer to Dole
After breakfast, end of stay.
Transfer to Dole have a loock at the website www.voyages-sncf.com or www.viamobigo.fr

Depending on availabilities, accommodation and legs can be modified.


Price17 days / 16 nights
Per personFrom €1260



The organisation of the trip, half board, transport of luggage per leg, FFRP topoguide.

Drinks and personal expenses, tourist taxes, lunches, visits, transport to departure, return transfer to Dole after the hike, the night in Dole and Lons le Saunier and the administrative costs (+ € 15).

Cancellation insurance (3.5% of the price of the stay).