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A mountain area with a strong identity, integrated in the Regional Nature Park of the  Haut-Jura, the Hautes Combes have something different! A relief with small dales that offer a large variety of landscapes and a great change of scenery! It is also a Nordic area of high quality, fun as can be, ideal for the initiation to ski itinerance. We have consciously planned achievable stops to provide an initiation to off-piste skiing.
Objective: making everyone autonomous and of course on their skis for greater fun and confidently face the more difficult off piste trips.


Rendezvous at 1:30pm in Les Rousses if you are driving OR at 1:10pm in front of the CFF railway station of Le Brassus (8km from Les Rousses) OR at 1:20pm in front of the La Cure railway station (3km from the resort of Les Rousses).
Ski hire is available. Transfer to Prémanon for half a day of off-piste skiing in the Sambine Valley, with some technique required to tackle the Telemark turn.
Check-in to a gîte at the end of the day.

Monday: Prémanon - Les Molunes
In this stage we cross the Massacre forest, a favourite site of the ENSF (National langlauf school). We go off-piste to travel in the wide high altitude dales that make the Haut-Jura so charming. Dales isolated from the lodges provide a gentle climb to the Alpine panorama. Then descent of the beautiful 'goat dale' to the village of Lajoux. Travel through the woodland to reach your accommodation.
Length: 16 km        Level difference: 350 m        Timetable: 6H00

Tuesday: Les Molunes - Le Berbois
Starting from Les Molunes, we will follow the vast valley of the Valserine, before joining the old mountain pastures of the Refate.
We then tackle a curvy dale full of perspectives that really suits its name "Bellecombe"! It is also a village consisting of scattered farmhouses.
At the end of this long valley, you climb onto a small plateau upon which your accommodation stands in perfect isolation!
Length: 16 km        Level difference: 260 m        Timetable: 5H30

Wednesday: Le Berbois – L'Embossieux
A short trip at first glance, but with plenty of possible off piste variants. It will be a definitive must to climb up to the Crêt du Nerbief (1370m), that opens perspectives on the spectacular cliffs of the Roches Franches and the village of la Pesse. Descent to the Pesse via the Bisons dale.
Length: 13 km        Level difference: 350 m        Timetable: 5H

Thursday: L'Embossieux - Le Manon
Rugged itinerary through Nordic landscapes of incredible diversity: ski on the lake of the Embouteilleux, suspended dale of the Grande Molune, observation of numerous Dolines, crossing a majestic beeach grove... in short an invitation to off-piste!
To finish off, cross the Les Platières ridge with its splendid views across the Jura Mountains before an enjoyable descent through the woodland to reach the hamlet of Le Manon.
Length: 15 km        Level difference: 330 m        Timetable: 5H30

Friday: Le Manon - Prémanon
From the Manon hamlet we join the village of Lamoura, start of the famous 'transjurassienne'. The return to Premanon goes through a pretty forgotten dale, the'chaux Berthod'.
Length: 16 km        Level difference: 300 m        Timetable: 6H00

We might have to modify the indicated itinerary somewhat: either the organisation (problem of overbooking accommodation, doubling of groups, modification of the ground condition, snow, etc.), or due to the guide (weather, group level etc.). You can trust us that those changes are always carried out in your interest, for your safety and better comfort.

Valid identity card or passport if you come by train (passage through Switzerland).

Technical level 2 out of 4: Initiation to Nordic walking (off-tracks) accessible to all non-starter skiers, with at least some experience, already mastering basic langlauf techniques (in particular the snowplough, sliding walk, 'duck' climbing technique for example...) and being in good physical condition.
Physical level 3 out of 5: Initiation to hiking itinerary, 5 hours skiing per day. Off-piste ski (except for a few connecting routes) Stages of 20 km/day, low level difference 300 to 500 m/day. Group of 10 persons maximum. The linear stages are relatively short, we can fully benefit from a technical moment or a rugged dale to make beautiful traces... as a rule we leave the gite around 9h to arrive at the stop around 5h30. Af course adaptable according to our wishes at the time, the weather,…

Sunday evening: Gite in Premanon, collective room (6 to 10 persons), communal sanitary facilities.
Monday night: Refuge in Les Molunes, 11 persons dorms, communal sanitary facilities.
Tuesday evening: Refuge in Le Berebois, 12 persons dorms, communal sanitary facilities.
Wednesday evening: Gite stop in La Pesse, 4 persons rooms, communal sanitary facilities.
Thursday evening: Gite in Lajoux, 10 persons dorms, communal sanitary facilities.

MEALS : Full board
The dinners are the opportunity to taste the local specialities: "hot box", rosti, sausages...while keeping the menus varied and balanced (we ensure it throughout the week). Breakfast is adapted to hiking practice. Picnics are copious and come with a hot drink. If the temperature is low, your guide will do the maximum to find shelter (chalet or cabin) for the mid day meal and break.
For the first picnic, it is appreciated that evry participant brings one of the specialities of their region of origin, to start the trip with fruitful cultural exchanges.

BAGGAGE TRANSFERS: your baggage will be transferred by car. We request that you bring only one item of luggage weighing a maximum of 12kg per person (some gîtes are only accessible by snowmobile). Whilst skiing, you will only be able to carry a backpack with your essentials for the day and the lunch supplied, to be shared among everyone.

The groups consist of 6 to 10 persons only.

SUPERVISION: Martin or Eric, State-certified Nordic ski instructors, fine technicians and full of love for the Jura !

EQUIPMENT: the cost of equipment hire is not included in the package for the trip. You will require up-to-date Nordic ski equipment. This equipment differs from standard cross-country skiing equipment. Skis are wider with metal edging, much like Alpine skis but with scales. Fixings allow heals to be free at all times. Should you require equipment hire, we operate a partnership with several ski hire shops at the resort of Les Rousses. Costs are approximately €90 for one week of equipment hire (skis, boots, poles). Equipment hire must be paid on site but we recommend that you advise us in advance of your requirements and sizes so that we can arrange for the correct equipment to be set aside. Your guide will supply climbing skins should the terrain or the snow conditions require them




From 19 to 24/01/2020€ 695
From 02 to 07/02/2020
From 16 to 21/02/2020
From 01 to 06/03/2020
€ 725



The organisation of the trip, the 5 days half board (dinner, overnight stay  and breakfast), the 5 lunch picnics, supervision by a State-certified instructor, transport of luggage every day and transfers during the hike.

Booking fees (15€), transport, drinks and personal expenses, supply of langlauf equipment (approximately 90 € payable on site).


Cancellation insurance (3.5% of the package) and option of additional night at 50 € and 1/2 board, return transfer to the railway station (€20 per person).